About Us

Our core focus as a company is serving small and medium businesses by combining extremely high quality web hosting and server management solutions with friendly, attentive customer service.

What does that mean to our clients? Simply put, we’re dedicated to making sure your site performs at an extremely high level, has a myriad of security layers, and is backed up in multiple ways to ensure business continuity regardless of events outside your or our control.

We can’t promise you’ll never experience any bad luck or challenging circumstances, but we can promise you we’ve invested in architecture, people, and planning to mitigate the impact of those sometimes unforeseen bumps in the road.

Beyond that, we strive to deliver the solution with customer service completely uncommon in our, or nearly any, technical industry. One of the more common sentiments we hear from clients, especially if they call, is their surprise that a human being answered the telephone, but we believe that’s a critical step in providing the quickest, most personal support we can offer.

We do things the right way because our experience in this industry has taught us over and over again that cutting corners to compete on price alone will eventually cost clients far more than a few dollars per month…it could cost them their reputation or even their business.